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Narberth Civic Association Membership


We welcome your membership and support!

Becoming a member of the Narberth Civic Association is a great way to participate in and support your community. Your membership dues support the upkeep and presence of the Association in the community by supporting our web site and special projects such as the "Our Town" newspaper digital conversion project and our ongoing vigiliance for issues in Narberth.

  • We try to be on guard as an advocate for our membership and the citizens of Narberth as required. We help to keep the citizens of Narberth informed and take a stand where necessary.

As a volunteer organization, we hope that along with your membership you will consider participating at some level in the organization. However, we understand that either with time or physical constraints, active participation may not be an option. Therefore, we offer membership in the organization at a variety of levels.

Membership Details

To be a member, you need to reside or work in Narberth, PA. You can click here or on one of the membership levels below to access our membership system.

Our membership levels and dues as of January 1, 2004 are as follows:

Individual Membership - Annual Annual $15.00
Family Membership - Annual Annual $20.00
Business Member Annual $30.00
Sponsoring Individual Member Annual $25.00
Sponsoring Family Member Annual $40.00
Sponsoring Business Member Annual $60.00

We can now process credit card transactions through our membership system in addition to checks. Your information is secure and kept private. We do not disclose any information to anyone and it is only used for Civic Association business. So we hope you find this new membership system more accurate and more convenient!

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  • Community

    Membership in the Civic Association benefits the community as a whole. By keeping involved and informed, the Association can provide a means to better know your community and your neighbors.

  • Communication

As a member of the Narberth Civic Association, you are part of our email list so you can be well informed as to what is going on. For those members without email addresses, we have a general email address set up and you will receive your correspondence with US Mail.

  • The Association will offer a regular email newsletter and updates on our web site on the various issues and concerns within the Borough to keep the Association members informed.
  • Also, we now have the capability to survey the membership via email on issues to better understand and voice the membership's concerns as required.
  • Strength in Numbers

The Association is a means by which citizens can pool their talents, offer a collective voice on a particular issue and voice a concern to the local government.

  • Sponsoring Business Memberships

Sponsoring Business Members receive recognition on our home page and within our web site. Visitors to the site will know that your business is interested in Narberth and is committed to the Narberth community and the Civic Association.

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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have an email address. Can I still register onlne as a member of the Narberth Civic Association?

Yes. For those members without email addresses, we have set up a special email address "" As a service to our members, we will print out any Civic Association emails and mail or drop them off to your home.

  • I am worried about using my credit card online to pay for my annual dues. Will the transaction be secure?

Our membership service also handles the processing of any credit card transactions. They use secure servers which encrypt any information, such as your credit card information. Click here to learn more about Regonline's transactional security. If you are still concerned, please register on the site and you can choose the pay by check option.

  • For any other questions, please email us at and we'll answer your question and probably add it here if it is relevant.

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