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Upcoming Events - Candidates Forum


Every Election Year, the Narberth Civic Association sponsors and runs the Candidates Forum on behalf of the citizens of Narberth.

This year's forum is October 25th at 7:30 p.m. at Borough Hall.

The Candidates Forum is a public meeting where the various candidates running for elected office in the Borough of Narberth are asked questions in a structured format in an effort to give the voters of Narberth better information so that they can all make an informed descion when it comes time to vote.

  • As a non-partisan organization, the Civic Association is committed to making to forum as fair as possible and as such follows a strict and structured format. Also, it helps to make the candidates for office aware of the issues that are important to the voters of Narberth.

We need your questions for the Forum on various topics.

These questions will be compiled and edited for clarity and then chosen at random on the night of the Forum to be asked to the Candidates for Borough Council. Please email your questions for the Candidates to

For more information contact Civic Association President Chris Finley at:



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