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Narberth Civic Association - About Our New Website


Our new website was designed and donated by CandyApple Design, please read the case study below for details.


Narberth Civic Association is a nonprofit community organization located in Narberth Pennsylvania.  The organization identifies, clarifies, and communicates issues or problems of concern to the community, and then advises the local government accordingly.  The organization also identifies and organizes community events and projects, and acts as a liaison between Narberth and surrounding communities.

For its website, Narberth Civic Association's main objective was to provide a graphically up-to-date, organized, and easy-to-navigate website where members and site visitors can easily find information on upcoming events, local resources, membership, upcoming meetings and archived meeting minutes, as well as information about the history and goals of the organization.  In addition, it was important to keep the site's content current without having to call in a web designer when a date changed. We needed to be able to update content regularly and easily.

CandyApple Design's strategy was to completely re-design the site from graphic style, to navigation, to page construction. To satisfy the organization's requirement that designated members be able to maintain the site themselves, CandyApple Design constructed the site in Dreamweaver and designed it specifically to integrate with Macromedia Contribute.  Using Macromedia Contribute allows designated members of Narberth Civic Association to update and maintain the website in a user-friendly and safe editing environment, as well as set up a draft approval system among themselves to ensure accurate content.

"CandyApple Design was able to give us a great tool so that we can keep the community informed. Our site reads well and is much easy to navigate and is very easy to maintain. While I have know the web site creation process to be a difficult one for some organizations, working with CandyApple's designer was a pleasure and a great experience. "
-- Chris Finley, President of Narberth Civic Association

The Narberth Civic Association website is a graphically up-to-date, organized, easy-to-navigate, and easy-to-maintain.  Utilizing collaborating design/maintenance programs, css driven text and page styles, and consistent navigation has produced a website that will grow with needs of the organization it represents while incurring minimal expense and effort.

  CandyApple Design:

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